Piper Paradise


I never blogged for others but rather for recording our memories. I miss that. I try to write in my personal journal but am not good about that either. I do love looking back on our life. I need to focus on the cathartic release I get from this whole blogging thing. And take that daily picture too!

Daddy Piper has made a life change recently. I hope it’s for the best. Our home life has sure reflected the change.

The boys are crazy busy with hockey. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hockey with them. Quite a bit of traveling with S. J will start his travel next year. That’ll be fun. We are getting a new vehicle in the next month or so. That will make it easier since right now Daddy Piper’s pickup only holds 3 and has crappy gas mileage.

S is battling some yucky bug this week. He’s missed practice and will miss it again tonight. Very unlike him.

This weekend is Jason Aldean. I’m going with JD. Not Jack Daniels. HAHAHA!!

L started her period in November. She’s so open with it. I love how she’ll talk about it and not embarrassed at all. She even discusses it with Daddy Piper – that is so COOL!

I feel like this is more like a bullet journal.

The kids didn’t have music today since their teacher is in Disneyland. They do have art tomorrow. I’m trying to make sure they have a decent homeschool experience. But my seizures and migraines have reemerged and that is affecting their schooling. (or effecting?!?)

L lost her tablet and computer access for her misuse of social media. She was posting personal information. And she said I was super religious. She didn’t get in trouble for that one but it sure caused Daddy Piper and I to bust a gut laughing.

Mind is swirling with lots of junk….

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20150808_204515 20150808_20434320150808_204321

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Life and my slacking

So much has changed. If love to start at the beginning and catch up. The biggest being at are in our new home!! Closed back in May. A true blessing and one only God himself could have provided!!

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Easter 2015


Happy Easter 2015!!

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Wedding and missed days

I flew home or my old home rather for a wedding. I was gone 1/29-2/1 so it was a fast trip but wonderful. I was able to see my niece get married! I was there when my sister took her pregnancy test, every doctor appt and then her birth. We shared her first sunrise – her & I. So we are close. But us just coming home from Disney World, I wasn’t sure I could swing another trip. We made it work. Amazing trip. Gorgeous wedding. Beautiful bride. Life changing event and I am glad I got to be a part of it!  I was somehow drunk for most of it – haha! Somehow ;-)  I don’t drink, hardly ever. But with family situation, I used it as a crutch. It helped. Probably not the best way to deal but it worked. I didn’t start any drama or contribute to any. I was a happy drunk :-) I took most of her wedding photos so I have hardly any with her. No posed ones. I photobombed a picture of her and her bridesmaid!

drunk wedding

I slept in my car, had the bartender cut me off, had a large bar bill on Sunday (think other people contributed to that bill!), got a speeding ticket warning. Loved the car I rented though – Volvo S50 or something like that. It’s on our list to buy now. Drove to get Starbucks, which is an hour round trip. Made pico and this made the bride smile! Loved the time with her and my sister. Lots of tears fell and quality time together. Lots and lots of fun!!

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The Love of my Son (Day 26)

They made these red good luck things in class today. His was for me to have good health so I would continue to be seizure free. This child has the biggest heart and is so sensitive. I just love him to death!!!


I picked up a small black suitcase today for my trip for the wedding this weekened. This good luck card could not have been at a better time. I am so nervous about this visit. It’s been 2 years. All hell could break loose or we could sweep the shit under the rug and let it ride. I hope it’s the latter. Made her a recipe book of our faves, bought a pie plate and a casserole dish and some homemade dish clothes from my lovely sister, Yarn. Sent her a bridal box a couple of weeks ago with bride stuff in it. I think I contributed enough.

Tonight was practice. Hockey and swim. Run, run, run. It’s my job and I’m lucky to have it, even if that offer in MN is in the back of my mind driving me NUTS!

Lunch with HM tomorrow. Golden Girls is on. Drives Liz crazy I can sing along to this “old” show :-)

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Recipe on the Stove (Day 25)

Love seeing this recipe holder on the stove. I’ll miss it when we move. (Please let us move soon – PLEASE!!!!)


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Hockey Tournament (Day 24)

Hockey tournament turned bad. Poor Scotty had hurting lungs (croup) so he only played 1/2 the tournament and no overnight stay. Dissapointed by the health of my oldest son but what do you do!?  I’m so sorry for him for hurting again. I think we need to see a specialist so he stops getting this crap. Maybe it’s this house!?!?!?

Day 24

Liz had the pleasure of a friend staying over. MW is so much fun to be with our family. She’s pleasant, easy for everyone to get along with and listens. 3 key items when I let them have a friend over :-) She was coming along with for the tournament and just stayed after the plans changed. We ordered pizza, watched Boxtrolls and ate chocolate chip pizza. Scotty still wasn’t feeling good. I put him and Jack to bed. The girls stayed up and did face masks. Yes they are at that age :-) Scott and my BIL went to another comedy show. I got them tickets for Christmas and the show was tonight. They just got home and had a great time too. Fun weekend minus Scotty not feeling good. Hopefully the night goes okay. Monday we’ll find him a specialist and get this lung thing fixed once and for all hopefully!!


The girls did face masks – aren’t they cute???? :-)

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Date Night (Day 23)

We get to see Lisa Lampanelli tonight. Ryan was supposed to watch the kids for us but is heading out of town to a free hockey game. We needed a sitter last minute. The kids’ Grandpa agreed to watch them for us. Seriously – he agreed without fuss. It’s the first time. OMG – cracks me UP!! He is not that kind of Grandpa. But when we picked them up they were alive and had a great time. Getting ready they asked if he had Wi-Fi. Scott and I about died laughing. Nope – he barely has basic cable.

Scotty got smart and put a light scope on his rubberband gun.

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Swim Fashion and other stuff…. (Day 22)


She loves getting dressed up….NOT!

She’s not into swimming these days. She loved it before Christmas but got out of the habit and now doesn’t want to trek out in the cold every night to swim. The pool is indoors but she gets lazy. I am making her finish the season. Mean mom – that’s me. While she was practicing, I worked with the boys on schooling stuff.  Practicing writing and reading with Jack and then this super cool math facts game he got for Christmas. Homeschooling is on my agenda. It’s not an option. Next year will be homeschooling.  So for an hour we worked on math and Jack’s reading stuff. It was actually fun. We did it. I think I can do this. Nope – I KNOW I can do this!

We should finish our taxes in the next 2 weeks then it’s time to try to get the loan.  Being self-employed makes the loan thing harder. Thankful for the cash to put down. Prayer – less talking and more praying.

Scott and Ryan worked on the kitchen sink tonight. That was hilarious. Watching Ryan scratch his beard and Scott hollering he needed a bigger hammer. I think they got it fixed though :-)

This “canning” group I am part of lost another member today. I love this group. Wished we lived on a commune together. It’s imprtant to keep on keeping on. Trust is important.

Bob is watching the kids tomorrow night while we have a night out. Ryan was watching them but he’s going to a hockey game now.  Bob really pitched in 2 years ago to help with them. It’s nice to have family that helps. I suppose I can relax with them being with my in-laws.  I am a mess.  Tomorrow night will be fun. End of story!

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Run, Run, Run (Day 21)

Busy, busy, busy.  Today was super busy. Running kids to school makes for a very busy morning.  Getting them all bundled in their gear makes it soo tough. Yes first world problems!!

Target trip including my beloved Caramel macchiatto.  I had to grab stuff for dinner and trying to keep stocking up. I need a major stock up trip. Things are getting very scary world wide.

Tonight was moms’ meeting to gather the fun crafts to cheer our teams on at upcoming tournaments. I contributed the little root beer bottles. We had to pour most of the bottles out and dry them before we could even leave  :-) The kids drank and poured out the liquids. They also washed up the bottles. They weren’t quite dry so Scott helped dry them.

I looked at ANOTHER house yesterday. I think it might work out. I feel like I jinx it just by writing it, There are 2 open lots north and south of it so it’s super private. One of the lots may be for sale in the next year or so. That would be nice.

Kids were bearcats going to bed. That’s usual.

p.s. I’m trying to record daily….

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Wookie Hat (Day 20)


Liz got this cute hat at DW. Keeps her warm :-)

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Super Cool Purse (Day 19)


I wanted a new purse. I really, really wanted this Vera Bradley one. I splurged and got it at DW. Jack was in a “Love Mama” week and kept finding things he wanted to buy me with his money. He bought me this mommy keychain. He also found this gorgeous Mickey ring. I bought that. It was a bit out of his budget :-)

imageThe wallet is my Christmas gift from Scotty. He bought it at school Christmas store all by himself. It is so cute. I have some rocking boys that love to spoil their Mama. Lucky me!!

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Magical Disney Vacation

1/11/15  We left on our magical trip this morning. I am apprehensive about traveling with the kids, flying in particular. Jack hasn’t flown before.  Shouldn’t have worried about Jack but rather Scotty. He got sick during the flight. Scotty sat next to Jack and Scott. Scott was great with him during the flight. He must have puked 6-7 times – poor guy :-( Our chauffeur was waiting for us at baggage claim in the Escalade. It was cheaper and easier to get a driver than rent a car. Lucky us! We arrived at our hotel. Very nice Disney hotel. It was the Port Orleans Riverside. We had the option to take the boat to the Kingdom or Downtown Disney – swanky. The bellhop unloaded our luggage along with our chauffeur and we set out to check in. This service was crazy quick too. Linked the Magicbands and off we went to explore. So much fun and magic!! We checked out our room and ate dinner at Boatrights. The kids had these cool clip on lights with their drinks. Scott had steak and I had N’Awlins BBQ shrimp with baquettes. The kids had chicken strips and corn dogs – at a gourmet restaurant these are still available. Bedtime came early since we planned on hitting the parks as soon as they opened. The area looked just like AZ with stripmalls, lots of hotels – nothing special until we got to the Disney Resort. And oh was that SPECIAL!

1/12/15  Today was the first day at the parks. Animal Kingdom. Oh WOW!!  Scotty’s tummy wasn’t up for the Dinosaur ride so he and Scott did the safari and Liz, Jack and I did this ride. It was so much fun!! We did meet back up and do the safari together. The safari was gorgeous!!! We saw many animals we wouldn’t have seen in our normal state. Expedition Everest was holy cow crazy. Jack isn’t a huge fan of the wild rides yet rode each and every time. Rockstar! Scott took Scotty back to the hotel to rest. He still wasn’t recovered from the Sunday flying. Rain was moving in but we stuck it out. Stupid us! We left the Animal Kingdom and went to Magic Kingdom where we faced torrential downpour. Scott texted it looked like it might rain. Might hell – it poured! We brought ponchos and they did nothing. We bought Disney ones which helped. We also added an umbrella to help :-) But nothing helped.  We did ride Space Mountain. Very different from Disneyland front to back instead of side to side. Jack stuck his head in the corner and suffered though. He did ride it another 2 times on the other Magic Kingdom day. Silly guy :-) We faced the rain back to the hotel. At some points the rain was up to our knees, it was so deep. But no alligators – Thank God! I sat in the laundry room for an hour trying to dry our shoes. $12 later, they still weren’t dry. Scott ended up drying them with the hair dryer in our room. We had room service delivered. Pizza, salad and breadsticks.

1/13/15 Epcot day. We started out on the Test Track. Wow – this was FUN!!  We got to design the car from the engine to how it loooked. The kids did the designing while we watched them. The ride was fast – super fast! I think we went 60-70 MPH. After the ride the whole after part had a car racing and a shoppe. Scott and the kids loved the racing. I did what I enjoy best – taking pictures of my family while they did something they enjoyed. Next we did Mission Space – orange. The orange side was fastr and scarier but we did it anyway. It was such a neat ride. Everyone loved it.  It too had a gift shop on the way out. In the shoppe, Scotty got a Storm Strooper ear beanie, Jack got a Darth Vader ear beannie and Liz got a wookie hat (Star Wars?). We rode Soarin’  This took us over California – looked just like it since we’ve been there dozens of times.v We ate at Beirgarten. It was an Oktoberfest experience. So many fun dancers and singers and yodelers!! I enjoyed a trio of German wines, Scott had a German beer. We are not drinkers so this was fun :-)  It freaks Liz out when we drink since we never drink. She’s a funny gal. I think it might have to do with my seizures. We left Epcot after a while and headed to Animal Kingdom so Scott and Scotty could do the Expedition Everest. They ended up riding it 5 times :-) Tried to get them to ride the Dinosaur but it was closed for some reason.

1/14/15  Hollywood Studios – Tower of Terror. Jack was determined not to conquer this ride. He DID!!!  Scott sat out while me and the kids rode the ride. It was fun and better than I remembered from Disneyland.  We watched the Indiana Jones Stunt show, a car stunt show, the most awesome Aerosmith roller coaster – Scotty’s first upside ride. Jack couldn’t do it since he wasn’t tall enough :-( Star Tours was fun, fun, fun!!!   All the kids loved the Great Movie Ride. It was this fantsastic ride about old movies, bringing back the Hollywood nostalgia. We rode the Toy Story Mania where you shoot thing 3D like. Scotty had the highest score – cool guy he is.  We missed the Jedi Training thing. But we are more a ride family not a show family so no one felt bad.

1/15/15  Magic Kingdom This was the worst day of my trip. I had gotten sick the day before and had to cut the day short. Scotty wasn’t feeling hot so we started the day late then ended it early. CRAPPY!! Jack came back with us. Liz and Scott stayed the whole day almost closing the place the down. How fun for them to enjoy a Daddy/Daughter day!  Scotty really wanted to ride the Magic Kingdom Railroad so we rode that. It wasn’t as fun as Disneyland – no Grand Canyon.  We stopped at the Confectioner’s Corner and brought back yummy treats for everyone. Before we departed to our beds, we rode Space Mountain again. Jack always ducks his head. He rides them but ducks his head and closes his eyes then tells you how much fun it was! We also got to ride Big Thunder Mountain together. Roller Coasters rock. Jack liked this one just fine. Scotty’s belly stayed calm for all the roller coasters. I think he was mostly tired. We headed back and napped. He and Jack woke up before me and played quietly on their kindles. When Scott and L returned we ate a quick meal the little restaurant in the resort. Simple, no fuss dinner.

1/16/15 Legoland. Today was a complete surprise, We squeezed this in and it was so worth it. Everyone had fun but the boys were in HEAVEN!!! We grabbed a tqaxi from the hotel and met up with the Legoland shuttle. It was an hour drive to the park. They were SO excited! Their rides were a bit tamer as the park is geared towards 2-12 year olds. But the kids loved them and we rode them over and over and over!!  They got to meet a real like master builder and ask him a million questions. We ate fried chicken and fries. Saw lots of neat things made out of legos. Their mini-land has over 3 million legos!  It was a shorter day as the park closed early.  Jack fell asleep on the way back so Daddy had to carry him from the shuttle bus to the taxt to the hotel room. He woke up just in time to get to the room, stinker :-)

1/17/15 Today was fun and more relaxing. A no park day. Boy did I miss the Magical Kingdom. Liz and I had breakfast with the princesses. Cinderella in particular :-) We took a bus to the Magic Kingdom and then hopped the Monorail to the Grand Floridian, Ooohhh a fancy hotel. I thought ours was nice. This was crazy nice. Very luxurious. We were a bit early so we checked out the hotel and their shops. Yes, more shopping :-) I had a mimosa and Liz had root beer in her wine glass. Appetizers were a wilted spinach salad with almonds and assorted fruit. Our main entrees were Liz’s traditional breakfast and I had steak with a poached egg.  We saved room for our dessert. absolutely delectable. We scraped our plates clean!DSC_0702The boys slept in and took the boat over to Downtown Disney. Tonight was Ohana – an Aloha Polynesian show. Scott was a crab ass. Almost ruined the whole thing. I hate when times like this happen. There was a beach at the resort. The kids loved playing on the beach and building in the sand. Some cute pics. I have to load up the pics somehow now. Crabbiness gave way to a stunning show. Dancing, playing with fire and delicious food. Jack ended up with corn dog nuggets while Liz was satisfied with sticky rice. Wimps :-) Dinner was roasted chicken, sweet ribs, pulled pork, vegetable medley. Dessert was a Jamaican bread pudding topped with pineapple and caramel sauce. Yes we had seconds of this delectable dessert.

1/18/15 We flew home today. Flight was scheduled for 6:50 AM. We had to leave the resort by 4:15 to make the flight.  Fortunately we have the greatest chauffeur. He woke up and was right on time picking us up. I think Scott can talk with anyone so the chauffeur and Scott talked the entire hour to the airport. Boys slept and Liz and I just enjoyed the ride, looking at all the cool stuff – seeing a Chipotle :-) Scotty didn’t make it through the flight again. Puking 4-5 times again. He was next to Scott again. It seemed a smooth flight but it just gets is belly for some reason.

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Grandpa (Day 8)

It’s a a day or two later than I wanted but I want to make sure this is remembered. Getting a picture of Grandpa with my kids is something to remember. We don’t know how long we have together. Time goes by too fast. This is our kids only Grandpa. Time captured:image

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Loving this Wine (Day 7)


Not a drinker but sure do like this wine :-) It’s from a local winery.  I finished it by myself. 2 days but I did finish it and enjoyed it – every last bit!!!

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Funny Facebooking (Day 6)

I was facebook messaging with HM and it was getting hilarious. I was forwarding them to Scott. His smile cracked me up. The messages were getting more and more funny. I’m still not sure how much funnier this whole situation is going to get ;-)


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Mohawk (Day 5)


Boys needed haircuts. Jack really wanted a mohawk. His dad was not gung-ho on the idea. I wasn’t letting him get the whole shaved on the sides, tall middle thing but a faux hawk thing. Isn’t he cute?!

They faced their first day back to school after having almost 2 weeks off. It was a rough morning. And they were tired when they got home :-) And it was back to hockey and swim too. Everyone was tired after getting back into the regular schedules.

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Leaving on a Jet Airplane (Day 4)

Hannah has to leave for home. It’s been a fun vacation. But it’s time for her to head to her house. Hopefully (?) we’ll see her this summer some time.


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Photo Booth (Day 3)


The guys decided to take the kids bowling today before Hannah left for home. I had to work DIBS again. I was happy they took her out. Scott hopped in and took a picture with me in a picture booth thing, without me even bugging him!

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Root Beer (Day 2)

I got to work DIBS today. We all get a chance (HA!!) to donate our time so we don’t get charged so much for the boys’ hockey.We have to add pop to these slushy machines. One was root beer. This was clearly not root beer. wpid-20150103_142951.jpg

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Happy 2015 (Day 1)

Beginning the new year is always fun.  Seeing a movie with Heather, boys, Liz and Hannah was enjoyable. I’m so glad Scott got to go out and celebrate a milestone birthday with his best friend. I’m thankful for making new friends and for settling in and making this our home. This year hopefully brings us our new home. It was just after midnight when we got home. I tried to get a photo of Scott and I and we were photobombed by the cutest little kid ever :-)


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Fire Pit

Sitting by the fire pit was so fun tonight. S played catch. J rode the tree swing. Daddy Piper was on his phone (agh) with his clan. L prayed for thunder and lightning not to exist. Can’t say I blaim her. I’m not a fan myself. But back to the fire. He was fighting with the clan. L was on his lap. Too cute. We had smores. The kids pulled out sparklers. I had on brand new crush on husband sweatshirt, got a hole. Yep! What a night. Now I get to finish it the best way. Laying with my l, on my shoulder except that dang thunder rolling in the distance. Ugh!

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mom we have nothing to wear” me “*How can you have nothing to wear? You have so many clothes its not even funny. Seriously. You each have a closet, a dresser with 5 drawers. Where are all your clothes????” them ” there’s nothing in here” *I go looking there isn’t anything really. I go look down in the basement where the laundry is… Clothes has gotten stuck in the chute… 12 loads later, they have clothes

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Large photo dump. My darling attended church camp, which she LOVED! This DSC_0160 DSC_0161 bedtime stories train DSC_0133 DSC_0134 DSC_0135 DSC_0136 DSC_0141 DSC_0146 DSC_0148 DSC_0149 camp2014

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Another Life Update….

I read this lady’s blog often. She is such writer that sees the beauty in the everyday, with all her children. Today she wrote about loving her husband and leaning on him for strength. It really got me thinking. In today’s feminist culture, that is not a popular sentiment. Something to think about…

This morning I have made the kids (only 2 while one is camp, we miss you L!!) breakfast burritos, they have played outside while I watered the garden, watching Star Wars Phineas and Ferb while I blog, doctored a cut from bike riding on S, found the school supply list for all 3, cried over J going to school too (I am ready to be back to homeschooling – if only I had support like I did…), did the breakfast dishes,  and listened to S wanting to play his championship game which isn’t for another 6 hours :-)

L and J have finished ball for the summer. S is winding his up tonight. He has made it to the championship game tonight. There is a game first then if he wins that one, he plays for the championship. It’s so exciting around here :-)

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Hey Burgers…

Tonight was we had burgers in the Park. Its this fun thing the city puts on every summer. Cheeseburgers and music put on by local musicians. We usually attend with my MIL a couple times in the summer.  It’s a different kind of summer, missing her. The bench came in to place by her and Uncle’s graveside. It looks so nice.  We like to picnic there. We decorated it with lots of her favorite plants and a patriotic spinning thing. I think she’d like it. She sure left a crater size hole in our lives. 

We viewed what felt like a ton of houses today. It resembled House Hunters ;-). Thats  one of our favorite shows! We are looking for a new house. We need something bigger, it’s that time ;-)  We had planned on something in the country  but the newest ones are in town so that’s where we are are focusing our search. We’ve closed on the other house. We haven’t sold our current one but we’ll keep it for memory’s sake. Our main focus is about 3000 sf, 5 bed, 3 bath still and plenty of room for the boat and camper. We do have a pickup, van and convertible Mustang (well and all the collector cars, tractor, 3 53 ft trailers etc. but those won’t be housed at the main house anymore ;-) ) We had found and submitted an offer on one we both agreed would do but it didn’t pass inspection so back to square one.  Agreeing on one might be the hardest thing ever. The kids and I looked all day, after softball and T-bar. They are sick of looking. I’m sick of looking but we keep on, knowing the right thing is out there. We do really like one. Daddy Piper will look tomorrow to give his opinion. I think at this point he just wants me to be happy. And to stop looking!! 

Our garden looks so great. We planted too many tomatoes. Canning shall be fun this year! The cucumbers look so robust. We were gifted some dill from the neighbor so pickling time is getting near. Our sunflowers are huge. The kids can’t wait for those. Eating seeds at a baseball game is just plain ol fun stuff. 

We booked our teepee trip for the end of summer everyone is super excited. Hoping for no rain and lots of deer sightings again. 

Oh other thoughts keep popping up but my seizure Ned is kicking is so it’s good night!! 


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hiking by the river hikingS strike a poseJ strike  apose  Many faces ofL  The REAL Jjolding hads

We had a wonderful day hiking by the river. We had a dog try to share lunch with his (he was a friendly fella but we were selfish and wanted our lunch to ourselves!!). L tripped right at the beginning of the trail and was making so much noise that I thought for sure she had broke something. Nope – skinned knee and elbow. S struck a pose on a rock with a stick so J had to do the same. Monkey see Monkey do. Blessed that S is a good example for J. God sent us some great kids. S picked up an “alien gun” (he learned this from Transformers movie yesterday). The bark was covered in ants. We did get them off of him finally. We didn’t make it the entire way due to some exploring. The boys insisted on every little side trail to get as close to the river as possible. I did not die from a heart attack but pretty close. They have to get just right there. This is not a swimming spot kind of river. It has very fast currents and is just not my kind of exploring. The older the boys get, the ore adventurous they get. I am learning how to be a mama to boys. But the hiking trail is super fun and we try to do it often when the weather is nice. I laid on my belly to get a really cool shot. L couldn’t see me for a minute and it scared her. She thought I had a seizure and had fallen. She came running (without falling!!) terrified with what she might find. I am crying knowing she has to live with the fear of me and my health issue. I was fine and reassured. I will try to remember to warn her before doing this again. I’m sorry we all have to deal with my health. I take my medicine faithfully, trying to prevent those awful things. We had another wonderful hiking day and left with the pleads to do it again and very soon. We will!!

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A Month!

I love updating this blog but I am lazy about finding the time to do so…

Life keeps chugging along, even or maybe especially when I am not paying attention.

Today was t-ball and softball. Daddy Piper had no work due to rain and was able to go with us. Thankfully this turned out ok. Kids had fun, which is the  most important thing to me. Subway for lunch – naps this afternoon while S and Daddy Piper put together the bench for my MIL’s grave site. I love having a bench there. We spend a lot of time there, either watering the flowers, cleaning up marker while waiting for the headstone or just enjoying feeling close to her. Keep the ones you love close!!

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Sleepovers and Hiking

S spent the night at his best friend’s house, doing what boys do – playing war, video games and eating the M out of house and home. In return, I took the 2 I had hiking. We grabbed Subway and hit the road. We picked up the bench for my MIL’s gravesite and went to the nearby hiking spot. I missed the turn-off. We finally made it there. It is right along the river. J took the lead with L pulling up the rear. J is a natural born leader. He grabbed his hiking stick and off he went. I had doused us in mosquito repellent(I should wear citranella earrings!!). Walking along the river on a gorgeous day is what summertime is made of. They simply loved it. We got to see the paddle boat chugging on down the river. L took a picture of J & I. She commandeered the camera and caught some great shots. A photographer in the making? Time will tell. One picture of the two of them was hilarious. They both thought they heard something in the woods, never mind the only dangerous thing it could be was a bird or a doe :-) We ate lunch on an old fallen log. A great day, I’d say!river boatwhos there

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Happy 4th of July

The parade was canceled due to rain. We have the VERY best parade in the whole country. We have driven across the country to see this parade for years until we moved here finally. Last year I had a seizure while at the parade so I was especially excited for it. But there was lightening so it was canceled. I was suffering from a puky migraine. Daddy Piper was loaded up and taking the kids down about 2 hours before to get good seats when he noticed all the people headed BACK from Main St. I checked their Facebook page and yep – canceled. Bummer! We spent the night shooting off fireworks, playing with sparklers, firecrackers and all the things that make up a fun 4th. The neighbor had the wicked big ones and the kids got to take part in their fun too. We usually have those big ones too but for some reason Daddy Piper didn’t buy those. Oh well, they still participated in the light show. We are lucky to be able to shoot these off in town – aww the joys of small town 4th of July.This face is totally J.  He is so OVER pictures these days….


Shooting fireworks is very loud. My kids seems to have extra sensitive ears. This is very obvious at the 4th. This is the face I think of when I think of J. “Yes take the picture but be quick about ittoo loud thatsmyJ

“Oh just one more please, please, please, please.” smelly Yes it is loud and very smelly!amazementThe look of pure amazement makes 4th of July fireworks warm my heart. We spent the day talking about what the day means but this look is what fireworks are all about to this Mama.
shock and awwThe look of awe makes my heart swoon! serious business Very smelly but so worth it when it comes to sparklers, if you ask these kids. lightingsparklers More sparklers, mixed in with messy late night hair, tired kids and very happy smiles.lighting sparklers “Please light that sparkler and had me a punk so I can light the big ones!” DSC_0736Smoky, loud, late night yawning and once a year fun – that’s what the 4th of July is made of!

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No broken Arm

I was in a hurry, it is one of my many bad character flaws. We were rushing from t-ball & softball to choir camp and there was only 45 min between the activities and I was rushing into Subway to get lunch and J was dragging his feet and his shoelace needed tying and J went to put his hand on the van door just as I shut it. I closed it right on his arm. The screams coming from my poor baby. I was rushing along instead of paying attention and hurt him very bad. I hurried (ARGH!) everyone back into the van. I got J settled in his booster seat. He and I were both crying – him from pain and me from guilt. I kept apologizing and he kept telling me it’s okay. L buckled him for me and fussed over him while I hustled home to get ice.  I put the ice on it and calmed him down some more. It swelled up immediately. He seemed a bit better. We ran back by Subway to get lunch before her choir camp. J fell asleep while we drove over to the camp. We parked in front of a picnic table. S, L & I had lunch while J napped. Thankfully he slept about 30 minutes. When we got home, his arm really hurt. He couldn’t open the door or even his water bottle. I called the doctor and they were able to get him in the afternoon.  Dropped S at the Big Kid theater, back over to get L from choir camp, then back to get S from the library and THEN to the doctor. I love our doctor. He is majorly into sports, played ice hockey and keeps the kids’ minds from focusing on what they are being seen for :-) J had his arm x-rayed. He was very good during this. So proud of him! The dr came back in the room and said I could relax it wasn’t broke and he could refrain from calling social services – what a funny guy he is :-) He kept talking about baseball with the boys. He told J that by the end of the summer he better be catching that baseball. Sports, sports, sports but the arm wasn’t broke so YEAH!!

Another adventure with the kids…

“Did they even have color TV when you were 15?” Yep we had color TV even back then :-)

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More Pics and Summer Fun!

Let’s see: We had backwards dinner this week, fun on an outdoor swing at Grandma’s, J fell off a Tonka truck while racing it down the hill (umm – those are hauling dirt, not butts!), read book after book, started T-ball, softball, baseball and Big Kid Theater. Yep – fun stuff around here!!

backyard swing grandma_01 backyardswing_grandma yard fun book of the day j got hurtJ got into the fit with the asphalt and the asphalt won :-)

blue lips_backwards dinner happy blue lips_backwards dinner

Here are the cute pictures of Miss L’s lips from our backwards dinner. We started with dessert. he hit itWe need to practice keeping his eyes open during hitting.J catches a GROUNDER

The pictures are out of sequence. He caught grounder like nobody’s business. more pics

Please will you stop with the pictures – Uh, well no! more“Please will it ever start?!?”  L has softball before J’s t-ball starts and he isn’t that patient :-)

softballShe hit one!she got one

She hit one again!!!

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House isn’t sold after all. The day of closing the financing for the buyers fell through. What the heck?!? So we are back to square one. Is this back to square one? A sign? I know all things are God’s plan but I can’t just accept this. How do I handle this? I’ve prayed and prayed. I need to calm down and quit getting upset, I know this. Guess I need more prayer! I took the kids to a library summer reading kick off Friday. It was fun! We had great weather. Lots of interesting things to do. Next week the Big Kid theater starts,along with t-ball, softball, baseball and swim lessons. Yep – summer is in full swing!! apple This kid reached for his apple first, before the Doritos even! art lover My art lover. She decorated a fan. The boys were bored. fishin'They chose to do one of those fishing things.doritos  Here is my Doritos kid. He did eventually eat his apple but not before devouring those Doritos!firemanThey each got to hold the fireman house and blow down the fire on one of those fake fire house things! jBW The apple boy with his gorgeous smile :-) picnicPicnic time, in which we were attacked by nats. We ran from those suckers and enjoyed the rest of the our lunch by the Heritage center.

We took a tour of the heritage center, the book mobile, made balloon animals and vowed to come back and spend more time at the Heritage center another day (it’s on our Summer Bucket List!). A fun day was had by all. Gorgeous weather and great time with my kids made a very memorable for this Mama!!

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My childhood home, the home we bought 11 years ago, the home where I lived with my sister and BIL (who essentially raised me), the home where we have raised how children up until a few years ago is gone. We sold it. We did get a nice profit, thankfully. It is sold and it wasn’t my idea to sell. But I keep getting this “I bet it feels good”  “Aren’t you happy?” “What a relief to have that one sold and the new one here!” UMM – NO. Not one little bit of excitement or relief or happiness in selling that house. I am tired of everyone thinking this is such a good thing. I HATE being here. I am here under duress and not one little bit positive about the future.  This new location is not my home. “How sad that this will never be your home.” Wow – thanks for the reminder.

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Summer time!!


Pardon the weight gain (darn seizure med) but focus on the flip flops. It’s hot 60 here and that’s flip flop weather!!

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Park and Softball Fun

park01Park02 softball01Sotball 2014softball03

And that’s MY girl!!

L had softball camp. The boys and I ate at Cracker Barrel, took her tablet to Best Buy to be fixed (who buys a 9 year old a $300 tablet?!?!), and played at the nearby park. A person should not have to watch softball in 40 degree weather!! At least it wasn’t snowing like last week. Always look at the positive :-)  Daddy Piper worked today. It’s that time of year – time to work again. The kids and I spent the afternoon looking at a nearby property with a shop, 3000 SF house, and 15 acres. We’ve already got one here bbuuutttt this one has a shop!!! It is only 6.8 miles from home now. It did feel like forever though, driving all that way. It is a very nice property. Over half of it would be business use so that helps :-)

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Just a Walkin’

swingingsilly boy J making a silly face. He is against pictures these days so I had to sneak this one in :-) Loving his Ironman teeth!!JackMamaPARK01 JackMamaPARK02 JacktongueIt was gorgeous here today, which translates into GET OUTSIDE!!  While the older 2 were in school, J and I went for a walk – a very long walk. We walked for about 90 minutes. We went up to the high school then circled back to a park then took a look at the new house then all the way back around home. We had to hit the park in the middle of walking – such fun!!  The park had a swing. I pushed and pushed and pushed that little guy on the swings. I would run underneath him and he would squeal with delight. Serious fun!  We played train while walking, walking in single file, hollering “Chug a Chuga – CHOO CHOO!” Then walking on the curb like a balance beam, trying not to fall into the street. The walk did start out with Daddy Piper tossing J into the air! It got windy at the end so J had to take my glasses to keep the yucky dust out of his eyes. Of course that meant I got dust in my contact lens wearing eyes – ick!

The house down south is officially sold, closing May 19. Scary and exciting all at the same time. Lots of inspections before the lending goes through.  Thankfully the roof is new and the septic was just redone so all should go fine. As soon as the closing there then we can close on the new one here. We’ll be down to one house for the first time in a long while. Exciting and scary and lots of other emotions.

Tonight was Krav, baseball and some needed mother/daughter time, at least a few minutes. She painted my nails, both feet and fingers – oohh lalala! She had painted her own Easter night with polish from the Easter bunny. So she treated me tonight :-)

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

J wasn’t too keen on seeing the Bunny “It’s not the REAL bunny MAMA!”, L loves getting her straightened but it was windy and she wanted to pull it back, and S negotiated a picture in exchange for an Under Armour sweater ($50!)

MyPhoto01But I got a picture!! :)

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Fun Pictures

Jreadingreadinglaughtermommy and her bunnies bunny ears bunnyearsMamaL

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